My Prenatal Specials

For The-Mother-To-Be
Growing a precious human being within you can take so much of your thought and energy that you lose site of caring for yourself. Don't forget to care for and pamper yourself during your pregnancy! Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pain, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Pregnant mothers receive their first prenatal massage at $10 off. Get started by filling out my Prenatal Massage Intake Form and be sure to discuss massage therapy with your OB/GYN or Midwife to receive medical clearance.

My Postnatal Specials

My Postnatal Special
As amazing as it is getting to know your new package of joy, taking time to just let go, relax and relieve stress is a must. My postnatal treatment is designed to help your mind, body, and soul get back to a balanced state. This is a 60 minute session customized just for you, including 60 minutes of Swedish, Shiatsu, Trigger point, and Reflexology modalities to address chronic pain and discomfort while boosting energy and increasing ease of movement. Hydrothermal Therapy is utilized to increase blood circulation in the skin leaving it feeling smooth and looking radiant while the pure essence of Essential Oils calm the mind and body. Get started by filling out my Wellness Intake Form.
New Clients $10 OFF!

New Clients!

One of my goals is to introduce the therapeutic properties of massage to as many people as I can. I welcome all new clients openly and strive to provide a comfortable, stress free environment for your therapy. As encouragement to try one of my many therapies I would like to extend this special offer to you. As a first time client you will receive $10 off on your first visit. Schedule with me today for your complete healing experience.

Try Out These Discounts

$5 Off on Reschedules

Schedule another session within 24 hours online and get $5 off the next service.

$5 Off for Referrals

If a new client mentions that they were referred by you, you both get a discount!

$5 Off for Likes

Stay up to date with my seasonal and holiday specials on Facebook and receive a discount too.

$10 Off for Yelp Reviews

I aim to keep my clients happy and I am confident that that you will be satisfied with my work. I would like to invite you to leave a review of Massage By Demerie on Yelp as I would appreciate the feedback.

$20 Off for Birthdays

As my birthday gift to you receive $20 off on a service during the month of your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Services valued at $40 or less are not eligible for additional discounts or specials.
Discounts do not apply to third party deals such as Groupon and cannot be combined.
Specials are subject to change. Please confirm your discount with me upon booking.

Now almost nine months pregnant, I've been treating myself every couple of weeks and it's always amazing.
- Lisa F.

Had my first prenatal massage with Demerie last week. It was so good I booked another appointment that day.
- Sara P.

She is so accommodating and very attentive to my comfort during my pregnancy.
- Allegra S.

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